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wut can i say....i got bit by the bloggin bug. a friend and i have a "need 2 read more" resolution and she started a blog 4 me so that i can write about my reading. well, i finally got on there and wrote my first review, and had a lot of fun with it. maybe its the arsty person in me who knows, but i've always loved to write, whether it be stories, poems, random thoughts.

i'd like 2 say im a jack of all trades. i know a lil bit of this a lil bit of that. i write. i draw. i paint. i game. i create. i have an eclectic collection of music ranging from classical to jungle. i play anything from RPGs to mini games. i'm a huge movie buff, it's all about animation and horror, but i do have a soft spot for reality shows..lol. i luv all that is Disney and all that is Eeyore....das my donkey:) im a kandie kid. a true friend. a great listener. a goofball and pretty random.

this blog of mine is gonna be a lil bit about anything and nothing and everything in between. sometimes i tend 2 start things and get bored and move on...so we'll see how long i blog....till then, enjoy:o)
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 three big evils

My takes on male maleficent, Male Ursula and female Hades.

I love painting fantasy and none human colored skin! Hope you guys like ^_^

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Okay, this is really, really amazing.

These are WICKED BAD ASS!!!!!!

didn’t see ya there….ya know, between the working, the crafting, the other social media, the sorta sleeping, the training, the laziness…i haven’t been here since December. and if i had a better memory…i would fill u in….but i don’t….so here we are:P.

but some highlights…

  • we celebrated our 1 yr wedding anniversary. we had a yummie cake( which was free)
  • signed up for my 1st half marathon…which will be in July. i’m excited and nervous
  • we’re going on our 1st cruise in November. it’s a family cruise. mom’s turning 70, dad’s turning 80, a nephew is turning 11 and it’ll be turkey day.
  • went 2 our 1st far away from home con in Sac…..t’was lots of fun
  • had some much needed time away with the family
  • work…..is work….meh
  • started taking my dad to cardiac training….we go 3 times a week. i pick him up at 5:30a…then i go to work afterwards, which makes for a looong day, but he’s worth it
  • now working on a small handful of costumes for the upcoming conventions we have slated…which are, Anime Conji, Wondercon and Gaslight Gatherings….and i’ve been so lazy, hopefully that’ll change tomorrow:P

i should be in bed now….i iz tired 


WORTH SEEING: This week’s best video. BANE CAT. 



Ghostbusters Nesting Dolls by William Butler

5.25” max height / 1.25” min height, acrylic on wood.

Part of the Glow in the Dark art show, “When the Lights Go Out 2”, opening March 22nd 2014, at the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook. Online sales commence 9am PDT Sunday, March 23rd 2014, HERE.

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There are seriously tears in my eyes right now

best. ever.

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Here is Set 1! The Offical Princesses.

Set 2 - The Non Princesses
Set 3 - The Guys

View these separately here!

Have a Happy Halloween everybody!

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Here is 2, (The Non- Princesses)

Set 1 - The Offical Princesses.
Set 3 - The Guys

View these separately here!

Have a Happy Halloween everybody!

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