Dreamer by Day. Gamer by Nite.

wut can i say....i got bit by the bloggin bug. a friend and i have a "need 2 read more" resolution and she started a blog 4 me so that i can write about my reading. well, i finally got on there and wrote my first review, and had a lot of fun with it. maybe its the arsty person in me who knows, but i've always loved to write, whether it be stories, poems, random thoughts.

i'd like 2 say im a jack of all trades. i know a lil bit of this a lil bit of that. i write. i draw. i paint. i game. i create. i have an eclectic collection of music ranging from classical to jungle. i play anything from RPGs to mini games. i'm a huge movie buff, it's all about animation and horror, but i do have a soft spot for reality shows..lol. i luv all that is Disney and all that is Eeyore....das my donkey:) im a kandie kid. a true friend. a great listener. a goofball and pretty random.

this blog of mine is gonna be a lil bit about anything and nothing and everything in between. sometimes i tend 2 start things and get bored and move on...so we'll see how long i blog....till then, enjoy:o)
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